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Russell is regularly active in individual prayer and prophetic ministry, dream interpretation and mentoring. He ministers in cooperation with Light Of The World Ministries based in Jacksonville Florida. For more information about this ministry, please visit their web site.LOTW

Russell is a published author with thirty books currently available and a number of books in the works. He is active in graphic design, having designed all of his book and album covers. He is also an experienced event and portrait photographer and currently has five albums of original music released and available anywhere you normally stream or purchase music. Please click on any of the below book covers for descriptions or purchasing.

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Our world is filled with many experiences that are not regularly seen with our eyes or understood by logical thinking. Our world is also changing rapidly and sometimes big changes can begin in small places. Betws-y-Coed is a tiny picturesque town in northern Wales where changes are developing in a very dramatic way. Emily Florence Devereaux is an American teen being raised by her Welsh grandfather who is a retired Oxford professor. Along with the local parish Vicar and Emily’s aunt and uncle, enlightening and sometimes even humorous encounters with angels and other supernatural beings have become common. The human relationship with the supernatural persistently goes back through time to the very beginning of recorded history and, although many argue about defining what it is, the existence of supernatural experiences is not easily dismissed. Emily and her family are quickly learning just how real these experiences can be.
The Invisible Connections series explores the relationships that Emily and her family and friends are developing with the supernatural world and how those relationships and close friendships are changing their personal lives and even stretching out to make important changes all over the world.

Frank Netherwood and Grant Bjornson, two retired men who have been lifelong friends, regularly experience the appearance of an unusual doorway in the wall of their little fishing cottage. When they step through this doorway, it is a portal to experiences unexpected and even unimaginable. They find themselves in Ancient Scandinavia amongst Nordic Vikings. They embark on voyages, become entangled in a variety of exciting and even dangerous adventures and eventually, deep friendships are formed and the two men find themselves participating in past events that help shape history and change their lives.
The Unlikely Travelers series explores how disparate cultures can cooperate, communicate and eventually experience genuine friendship, in spite of the many complications that try to separate them. It is also an interesting and figurative glimpse into an ancient world that very few people are familiar with.

This series follows the life of Pastor Joseph Green, as his old, religious lifestyle and belief system is first challenged, then broken and finally rejected and forgotten. His original faith in God is then rediscovered with the loving help of some old friends and his whole life is miraculously redeemed. Joseph becomes a new creation. The old things have all passed away and everything is being made new again. Joseph’s personal story and how he connects and interacts with his closest friends becomes a clear parable of how the redemption of Jesus can change the very nature of our past and how the gifts of the spirit can play out in our daily life. The fear of terminal disease is overcome and the drama of culture wars and churches splitting are dealt with. Gifts are discovered and uncovered and extraordinary miracles are experienced. The value of covenant friendship is clearly illustrated and the manner in which the nine spiritual gifts are often manifested in our daily life are clearly chronicled in these stories.
The HIGHER UP series of books will strengthen you with scriptural principles, encourage you with testimonial illustrations and exhort you to dive deeper into exactly who you were created and called to be, as part of the larger Body of Christ, but also inside of your own, personal relationship circles.

Being an adopted child, Kaya dreamed of tracing her DNA and finding her birth parents for years, but her life was turned upside down when she learned that her birth mother had tried to get an abortion. To make matters worse, it happened on national television. To complicate things even more, she’d gotten her DNA results and found her birth parents and three siblings at the same time. Kaya and her newly discovered family would need to diligently work together to keep their fledgling relationships from being destroyed, right when they were just beginning. The Kaya series is about how unforgiveness and tragedy can easily destroy lives and ruin relationships, but forgiveness and grace can redeem the worst situations and turn them into building blocks and stepping stones.

Prince Llywelyn, son of Iorwerth, often referred to as either Llywelyn the Great or Llywelyn Prince of Wales, was a ruling monarch in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. He was born in 1173 and died in April of 1240 and successfully ruled over Wales for about 45 years. Many historians believe he is the most important ruler in Welsh history.
Christian Silversword is a retired American teacher and author. While traveling in Wales with his wife, doing research for a new book about Llywelyn the Great, he is mysteriously transported back in time to Wales in the year 1211. He then embarks on a series of adventures and brings important assistance to the Prince in his greatest times of need.
The Llywelyn books are fantastical stories, filled with wonder, danger and mystery. They detail the friendships that develop between very different people from two very disparate cultures and the profound effect they had on Welsh history.

Four diverse High School students become friends and, through some hardships and dangerous circumstances, form a loose alliance to help solve a spate of terrible crimes in their town. Then, when further opportunities arrive at their doorstep and with the help of a variety of authorities, family members and strangers, they create a bonafide Private Investigation organization dedicated to solving mysteries and digging into all manner of unsolved and even seemingly unsolvable crimes. They employ the help of their close friends, their families and even the FBI and local police in their creative approach to detective work. In this always exciting and sometimes very dangerous environment, they forge much deeper friendships and relationships than they ever thought possible. The Shadow Club series is a group of stories that clearly illustrate the value of friendship, relationship and trust.


EQUIPPING THE BRIDE series of books takes a closer look at four different aspects of being part of the Bride of Christ.
LOOK BEHIND THE MIRROR carefully examines God’s clear statements and promises about our incredible identity in Jesus and all the wonderful promises we have at our fingertips. In this book Russell examines who we are and what we have in the Kingdom of God.
VESSELS OF WORSHIP explains how we are created as vessels to carry spiritual substances like Love, Joy, Peace, Worship, Praise and Faith. Once you understand the correct meaning of these words, you will discover how uncomplicated this life really is.
THE PATH OF LIFE  is about learning how to gracefully challenge everything you’re taught. We need to develop and nurture a healthy sense of curiosity and then acquire the tools to find answers to our questions. This book will be an important resource to help change archaic thought patterns and also discover deeper and more rewarding levels of Righteousness, Peace and Joy than you ever thought possible.
THE REBIRTH OF HOME CHURCH is essentially a How and a Why book. How does one start a home fellowship group and why should anyone consider it in the first place. With an ample supply of appropriate scriptures, quotes and anecdotal stories, Russell paints a clear picture of just how easy it can be to start your own Home Fellowship Group.
In these times where our world is filled with acute fear, global rumors of pandemics, rioting and unrest, the followers of Jesus need to be a people who are completely set apart, filled with all of the Fruits of the Spirit and fully equipped to fearlessly do the work of being Children of God and Ambassadors of Christ.